Portada Corn Island - Owah T'ing

Corn Island – Owah T’ing


Corn Islands, where pirates and buccaneers buried stolen treasures, have remained isolated from the attentions and interests of the tourist industry that have takeover the rest of the Caribbean possibility because of their diminutive size and the difficulties in reaching them. These circumstances have helped to maintain these territories in their original cultural settings both within the country of Nicaragua and the rest of the Caribbean and have permitted them to preserve certain elements of their cultural life untouched into present day.

The islands where also used at some point in their history as forced confinement areas for politicians opposed to the governments of the Pacific side of the other country because of their physical separation and the isolation from the rest of the country.

With this project we hope to capture a part of culture that is unique to these islands with the collaboration of the original performers of this art form in Nicaragua, and through new technologies, share them with the rest of the world. This is a dream that is highly overdue and charged with a certain amount of urgency due to age and state of health of some participants.

released September 6, 2012

Musicians and Artists:

– Spencer ‘Rocco» Hodgson – Producer, Arrangement, Keyboards, Bass, Guitars, Percussions, Drums. Programming, and Vocals

– William «Willgrine» Moses – Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
– Shubert ‘White Boar» Hart – Guitars
– Arturo Putchi – Congas, Base, Vocals
– Arjuna Das – Bass, Vocals
– Raymond Myers – Guitar
– Barry Joseph – Drums

Invited Guests:
Dalky Allen, Phillip Montalban, Anthony Mathews, Arlen Hodgson

This Album is dedicated to my Father (R.I.P.)
Vertic Boar Hodgson

all rights reserved