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Mango Ghost

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Jose Sinclair aka Mango Ghost was a legend in Bluefields. He was revered up until his last days making many performances in his final years. This EP MANGO is a peak into the final recording sessions set up in the Bluefields Sound System Studios. Estoy Enamorado/Go Nowhere are two perfect example of the range of Mango’s style from Spanish ballads to Caribbean folk music.

released May 20, 2011

Go Nowhere:

Mango Ghost: lead vocals, conga
Arturo Putchie: bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
René Cassels: banjo, vocals
Claudio: electric guitar
Dexter: shakers, vocals
Noel Alphonso: drums, percussion
Michael Gassert: vocals

Estoy Enamorado:

Mango Ghost: lead vocals, conga
Arturo Putchie: bass
Claudio: electric guitar
Cipriano: acoustic guitar
Dexter: shakers
Barry: drums

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by MikeSound
Mastered by Oscar Zambrano
All rights reserved Bluefields Sound System

all rights reserved