Money Tough

Money Tough


Run Dun Crew was born out of the unique creative environment that is the Bluefields Sound System studio. It is the union of Bluefields’ raw local youth talents Kali Boom and Papa Bantam with international House Music DJ “Evan Rhodes”. The album Money Tough exemplifies the struggle that musicians face living on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua as well as gives you the flavor and style of its Caribbean roots. Run dun is a traditional coconut seafood stew that is the pride of the Caribbean coast. It is made from seafood ingredients that while they are known delicacies they are traditionally cultivated and are often the fuel for the hustle in the life of a Bluefields Songster
Evan Rhodes first came to Bluefields to particpate with the Bluefields School of Reggae. It was then that he met Kali and Papa, participants of the program, and they began to produce and create a new sound to come out of the BSS studio. While many dancehall artists like to promote big spending and lavish style, Run Dun Crew takes a real approach calling out Hartimes, and a life where Money Tough.*The female vocalist featured in “Moon and the Sun” is Lady K who was a later participant of the BSS music program

released September 1, 2012

Evan Rhodes – Producer, DJ, Keyboard, Guitar
Kali Boom – Vocals
Papa Bantam – Vocals

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